Please enjoy reading the blogs, which have been written from my heart on a wide range of subjects which I feel may be useful in all stages of life.  I hope you find the information in them beneficial.  I would welcome your comments and any tips on how they could be improved upon.  Thank you.

Shame, Blame and Guilt – do we need them?

By Janice White / July 1, 2020

Shame blame and guilt are feelings which generally cause unhappiness to the person experiencing them. We have all experienced them at some time in our lives. If they are ongoing for us, what can we do about them? Let’s briefly examine what their origins are. Firstly, Shame. Shame is an internal feeling which is devastating…

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Locus of Control – which one are you?

By Janice White / June 1, 2020

Have you heard this term before?  Is a Locus related to a locust?  Well…. no!  A locus in this instance is where you feel the control of your life and your decision making comes from.  Is it from you or is it from someone or something else? If a person tends towards an internal locus…

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Counselling and Therapy

Counselling? What about it?

By Janice White / November 4, 2020

Counselling, do I need it? So the obvious question is what can a Counsellor do for me? If I’m not at breaking point why would I see and spend money on going to a Counsellor? There are many ways to respond to these questions. From my personal perspective, the answer to what can a Counsellor…

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By Janice White / October 9, 2020

Take 5 minutes to think… ‘what AM I doing to keep mentally healthy?’ If you struggle to list some actions, then let’s take a look at what your self-care list could look like according to your interests.

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