For all full fee paying clients, full fee of $150.00 is applicable.  Medicare rebates of $75.95 per consult can be claimed after consultation (if you have a Mental Health Care Plan obtained from your GP). This makes the cost per consult $74.05.

For Students and clients who are eligible for a Government Pension then the concession fee of 100.00 is applicable. Medicare rebates of $75.95 per consult can be claimed after consultation.  This makes the cost per consult $24.05.

Private Health Fund rebates (varies according to level of cover and plan) can be claimed after the consultation with the receipt.  Both Medicare and Private Health fund rebates may be claimed electronically or in person by you after the consultations.

Currently, Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Australian Government has allowed Medicare mental health care plans to be increased to up to 20 consultations per year, and also applies to telehealth consults. If you wish to have a telehealth consult instead of a face to face consult please let me know when booking. Arrangements may be made accordingly.

This arrangement is current until we hear further about any changes to these rules from the Australian Government. Further details will be made at this time regarding eligibility for Medicare rebates.

Payments may be processed in the following ways:

We prefer booking are prepaid and go through our website booking system. Please indicate if full fee payment or pensioner payment. Paypal or Credit Card payments may be made prior to initial consult via website booking system.

Clients on a pension pay the full fee upfront and then claim the Medicare rebate after the consult. Please use your Centrelink pension card reference number or student number as the special rate reference when booking via website portal.   

You may also pay on the day of the consult via eftpos facility in the consulting room. We take Visa, Mastercard and eftpos cheque or savings account. You are given a hard copy and an emailed copy of your receipts for processing for any reimbursements.

Reimbursements and Rebates

Rebates may be had from Medicare via a Mental Health Care Plan, or by your Private Health Insurance if you have a policy which covers you for Counselling or Occupational Therapy.  Various rebates apply depending on cover.  Please send the name of your insurance fund in the information on the payment page so I can include it in your receipt.

A Better Access to Mental Health ‘Mental Health Care Plan’ may be obtained from your GP to access a Medicare refund for up to 10 consults per calendar year.  You need to visit your GP to obtain the necessary forms and bring them in on your first consult.   Initially, 6 rebated sessions are available. After counsellor feedback to the GP, a further 4 rebated sessions are available via a second consult with a GP who will extend the Mental Health Care Plan. This second plan needs to be brought to the sessions to enable ongoing Medicare refunds.


Please contact me via email or telephone to discuss your personal situation and I will assess payment options or pro bono services on an individual basis.

Private Health Funds

Rebates are available via private health funds if your level of insurance covers you for OT and/or counselling. The following health funds have been confirmed as affiliated with this practice. If you are a member of a fund not listed below, please let me know and I will ensure I am affiliated with them for potential rebates for you.